General Policies

West Dunbartonshire Gymnastics Club fully endorses Scottish Gymnastics Equity Policy, Child Protection Policy, and Disciplinary Code of Practice and Safe Recruitment. For more information on these policies please visit the Scottish Gymnastics website online at –

First Aid and Emergency Procedures

West Dunbartonshire Gymnastics Club will ensure the safety of all its members during all training and events. In the rare occasion of an accident/injury the Club will follow the First Aid and Emergency Procedures which are set by Scottish Gymnastics. In the event of an injury we will obey the following rules

  • At least one member of staff on the premises will be qualified in first aid to the correct level (Meadow Centre/OLSP High School).
  • A first aid kit will be available at all sessions.
  • The club will keep a record (up to 3 years) of accidents/injuries of gymnasts in an accident book.

In the event of an injury at training coaches must

  • Seek first aid from centre
  • Complete an accident report form for both Meadow Centre/OLSP High School and West Dunbartonshire Gymnastics Club for own records.
  • Inform the child’s parents of any injury and action taken:
  • at the end of the session (small injuries)
  • immediately (serious injuries)
  • Access to a telephone must always be available in case emergency services are required

In event of an injury at a competition

At all competitions the organiser (Scottish Gymnastics) will ensure that first aid provision is in place in all circumstances. The club will ensure emergency contact details are taken in case of an incident taking place while attending outside events/competitions. The club will also ensure a copy of the accident report is kept in club records and copy given to the parent.

Emergency Procedures in the event of a fire

All coaches must ensure they are familiar with the emergency procedures for the venue (Meadow Centre and Our Lady and St Patrick’s High School) where training takes place and the competition venue when attending competitions. Coaches are responsible for taking a register at each event ensuring all gymnasts are accounted for in an emergency.

Behaviour during club training sessions and competitions

 West Dunbartonshire Gymnastics club, as a family and fun orientated club, expect that all our members (coaches, volunteers, gymnasts, parents etc) behave in a professional and appropriate manner at all times whilst associated with the club. This expectation is carried through all club training, any competitions / events we take part in or in any fundraising events / meetings that the club attends. Any member of our club who behaves in an inappropriate manner will be subject to the procedures below for the associated category of member:

Procedure for Inappropriate Behaviour Shown by Gymnast

  • If a coach feels a gymnast has displayed inappropriate behaviour they will be given a verbal warning. They will have two chances of a verbal warning. On the third occasion of inappropriate behaviour the gymnast will be asked to sit at the side of the session for a length of time deemed appropriate by the coach. The coach is responsible for explaining to the gymnast why they have been told to sit out.
  •  At the end of the class the appropriate coach will inform the parent as to why the gymnast was asked to sit out of the session. Parents will be given the chance to discuss their child’s behaviour with the appropriate coach and head coach.
  • The coaching team will try to resolve any difficulties by developing joint strategies with parents/guardians concerned.
  • Should the coaching team be of the opinion that there has been no improvement in a gymnast’s behaviour then this will be reported to Club committee and Safeguarding officer who will agree with the coaching team on an appropriate course of action.
  • The final decision to remove a gymnast from the club altogether can only be taken by the SO, Head Coach and Committee of the club.